Pneumatic Assembly

An economical (no removal notches or offset ends) 2-turn Spirolox Retaining Ring creates an ID/OD lock, permitting 360 degree rotation of the nut. This type of permanent assembly is commonly used to hold two components together while allowing them to rotate freely.





Actuator Valve

A heavy-duty constant section ring was installed to absorb the occasional shock loading of the pistons. The rings feature special ends allowing for easy installation and removal using compatible tools and have a profile designed for high thrust capacity.





Air Nozzle

The single-turn, light-duty, retaining ring fits tightly into the groove of the plastic air vent housing. Its single angle ring ends are designed to be close together providing nearly complete, 360 degree support.





Hose Connector

A 2-turn retaining ring is located in a shallow internal groove to secure two rotating parts. Due to the limited area for the ring, China Wave Spring opted to square the edges of the ring creating a more efficient use of area. The two units are able to rotate about the retaining ring independently of one another.





Needle Bearing

Created especially for flexing in a shallow groove, this Spirolox Retaining Ring secures the needle bearing cage assembly within the housing thereby replacing the formerly unreliable operation of roll-forming the housing.





Gear Assembly

An external, 2-turn, retaining ring prevents the pinion shafts from rotating with the gears. The Spirolox Retaining Ring snaps securely on the groove while maintaining room to be installed.




Bike Lock

A ring with reversed removal notches creates an easy to install yet tamper proof assembly. The heavy cross section of the Spirolox Retaining Ring further increases its resistance to forceful entry.




Slip Clutch

The Spirolox Retaining Ring provides a strong yet removable surface for the Wave Spring to be mounted against. When the clutch is subjected to torque beyond the strength of the Wave Spring, the two main components begin to rotate independently of each other developing the slip mechanism. Once the torque is lowered to a suitable level, the notches will again lock allowing the unit to transfer the power from one end to the other.




Electrical Coupler

Using a Spirolox Retaining Ring and Wave Spring combination allows the electrical coupler’s components to rotate independently of each other.





WaveRing Bearing Preload

Given the form of a retaining ring and the added functionality of a Wave Spring, the WaveRing both keeps the assembly together and preloads the bearing cage, eliminating vibration caused by high radial speeds.




Ratchet Wrench

This one-and-a-half-turn Spirolox Retaining Ring secures the internal mechanical components of the ratchet wrench. The additional half turn provides extra strength to prevent the ring from dislodging when the wrench is dropped.




Axial Piston Pump

The bearing and spindle of the axial piston pump are held in the housing by a Spirolox Retaining Ring. The removal notches allow the unit to be disassembled quickly for repairs or modifications.




Pneumatic Clutch

The internal components of this clutch are held in the housing by a heavy-duty snap ring. Field servicing was often necessary and the snap ring was the ideal solution for the design requirement as it allows the unit to be disassembled quickly.




Pressure Gauge

A retaining ring installed in a shallow groove exerts light pressure on the glass lens in this pressure gauge. The single-turn Spirolox Retaining Ring design provides the optimum load at all points along the circumference, without breaking the glass.




Rubber Boot

A 2-Turn Spirolox Retaining Ring clamps the rubber boot onto the groove making a nearly perfect seal for fluids. The retaining ring has been deburred so it will not tear the rubber.




Hip Replacement

Standards materials are available for medical applications including 316 stainless steel. Customs can be produced out of alloys such as titanium.





Two Spirolox Retaining Rings provide 360 degree side walls on both sides of the timing belt pulley. The design eliminates expensive pressed-on stamped side walls. The removal notches allow the rings to be removed quickly for easy belt replacement.

Pyramid of the Louvre

World-renowned architect I.M. Pei’s Pyramid of the Louvre welcomes visitors to the entrance of the Louvre museum in Paris, France. One of the most difficult aspects of this project was to create a structure that was able to support the glass panes and reflective glass sheath of the pyramid while maintaining the design. A supporting frame consisting of stainless steel rods connected at strategically placed junctures provided a geometric structure with high strength and visual design accord.

China Wave Spring provided an important, while subtle, contribution to this structure. Each juncture of the support frame consists of 8 stainless steel rods held into place by a knuckle and 16 of Smalley’s two-turn, edge-wound retaining rings. The rings were custom-designed and made of stainless steel to preserve aesthetics while providing superior durability. The rings prevent the structure from deforming while the stainless steel allows for corrosion resistance.

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